Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Betty and Alpha Chompers...

Hello All!  It has been one crazy week here in my life.  I have been travelling for work so haven't been able to post as soon as I wanted to, but I wanted to post about the lobster night we had on Saturday to celebrate Valentine's Day!

For dinner, we boiled live lobsters, Zachary made a light pasta, and we had steamed asparagus and broccoli.  For dessert, I made a red velvet cheesecake.  Click here for the recipe - it was ridiculously great!  It was a two day process to make that cake, but it was totally worth it!

Take a look - it was delicious :)
Red Velvet Cheesecake - YUMMY!!!
The Lobsters - what a fun dinner!
Yum Yum
xoxo Sarah

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  1. So cool! Looks like it was so fun! Jealous, I don't know what fun is anymore as I sit here in the library studying for midterms!