Monday, February 20, 2012

Pizza Pizza!

When I started thinking of names for my blog, one thought crossed my mind to call my blog - "What My Husband Makes Me for Dinner" - but I decided to nix it because I like Sarah's Tea Box better!!!

Ok - so Zachary is a chef.  I tell him all the time he should be on Top Chef.  I think he could win - hands down...I'm probably playing favorites...but I really think he could do it!

So every Friday night, we have pizza and movie night in our household.  We either order pizza, or my favorite, Zachary makes homemade pizza :)  He makes his own crust, own sauce, slices up cheese, and puts on the most amazing toppings you can think of.

The pizza we had Friday night would be a house pizza if we owned a restaurant.  It is a sausage pizza with peppers and mushrooms...absolutely delicious!

Hopefully one day you will be tasting his pizzas at our restaurant that we want to eventually have :)

Bon Apetit!
xoxo Sarah

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