Monday, February 20, 2012

Movie Review...

What a an awesome weekend!!!

I can't wait to share pictures with you of Zachary and I making homemade pizza, live lobster, and this amazing Red Velvet Cheesecake....but...

I wanted to recap on the movies we watched that I had posted in my post before this:
1) In Time - Sorry mom, didn't finish the movie!  Great concept but didn't go anywhere!

2) Breaking Dawn Part 1- Love it. loved it, seen it already in the theaters but even better than I remembered!  I cried - yes I totally did!!!

3) Birds - Freaky and weird!!! if you like crazy psychological movies - this one is it.  I love Alfred Hitchcock.  I think he makes fabulous movies!  I love the movie Rear Window - if you haven't seen that of his you should!

4) An Affair to Remember - Hello Cary Grant - my new major heartthrob! Seriously - George Clooney I think might want to be him!  But Hello!!!!!!!!!!!   Great movie - Sad thought but in the end happy - any romantic should watch it - it's a classic!

Ok!  More posts to come on dinners and deserts from the past weekend!!!

xoxo Sarah

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  1. My mom LOVES Cary Grant. An Affair to Remember is one of her favorite movies!