Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Team Edward...

Good evening everyone!  I'm up past my bed time tonight because I was cleaning and now am going to treat myself to my Breaking Dawn DVD.  If anyone knows me - they know that I am one of the biggest Twihards around.  I am totally Team Edward and have been from the very beginning.

Anywho - my cousin Kris is going to be TOTALLY jealous of this - but my Twilight soul-mate, Shannon from work, went to one of the Targets participating in a special promotion on Friday.  I was going to go with her but I was traveling to MN.  So - Shannon decided to go with her sister to get me this special promotion since she was going anyways to get this for herself.  So - we got the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD with a special surprise. We each got a flower from the Edward and Bella wedding from the movie set!!! YES it's real - there is a certificate of authenticity with it!  So I am excited to show you pictures of my one and only Twilight wedding flower!
Bite me! xoxo Sarah


  1. Oh man I am totally going to need to see this in person! You're right so jealous :). Kris (team Edward captain)

  2. I watched it again this past weekend and was just bawling my eyes out because it was so happy!!!!! Miss you!!!

    xoxo Sarah