Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Library Time!

Good Morning everyone!

Hope all is well!

Wanted to share a couple books I have read and am about to read.

Last week, Zachary and I went to the Library.  There, I picked up some guilty pleasure books from Danielle Steel and Janet Evanovich, both NYT Bestselling Authors, as well as Water for Elephants and Too Close to the Falls - both books were referred to me by Zach's Nana.

I read both the Steel and Evanovich books in 1 week.

The Steel book was 44 Charles St.  This was a book about a artsy girl living in New York and trying to pay her mortgage on her house as well as save her Art Gallery after a break up with her boyfriend.  She takes in roommates (3 of them) and becomes family with all 3 of them.  This book has romance, mystery, and suspense all packed into one.  I normally don't read Daniel Steel books - when I think of her I think of these totally over-the-top romance novels.  But this wasn't at all like that.  I found this book on a top seller list off the internet.  I really enjoyed it.  It was a quick easy read.

The Evanovich book I read was Wicked Apetite.  This is a great fantastical series starting out about the 7 deadly sins.  I'm excited to read the next book coming out in June called Wicked Business. But if you like vampires, like I do, this is an ADULT book that has all that piled into one.  It's a little out there so you have to follow along but I thought it was great!  It's about Lizzy and Diesel - two Unmentionables - that you learn about - trying to find stones for the 7 Deadly Sins.  It takes place in Salem - which already has a crazy history already with the memories of the Salem Witch trials.  It was a fun read.

Next up on my list is Water for Elephants which I have not seen the movie for yet because I don't know how much I like Rob Pattinson with Reese Witherspoon - I like them on their own!  But we shall see!

Have a Good Read!
xoxo Sarah

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