Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Highlighted in Yellow

So one of my all time most favorite feel good books has to be Highlighted in Yellow: A Short Course in Living Wisely and Choosing Well.  My copy is so over used and book marked - see below!

I got this a long time ago when it first came out.  I have read it back and forth numerous times because it always makes me less anxious and helps me realize to appreciate life when sometimes I take it for granted.

My favorite rule from this book is in the "Simple Pleasures" section.  Rule #37 says "Regardless of your age, occasionally stop at a public playground and ride on the swings."  When you see a park and pass a swing set, why not take 5 minutes out of your day just to sit on a swing and pump those legs and fly (man - that's another things I could add to my little list of little things I forget to appreciate more often)!  But this is book is just a great uplifting book of quotes and rules to live by to live wisely and choose well in your life!

"It is a happy talent to know how to play." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Quote taken from Highlighted in Yellow.)
xoxo Sarah

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  1. omg i have had this book for years as well. i re-read it every year (if not more often) and consult it all the time.

    did you know the author is from a bit north of west bend? she writes in the kewaskum paper as well. :)

    p.s. do you have her book "reach for the stars" or "the golden formula"? those are great too!