Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hummingbird Cupcakes

Hello All!

So I have been seeing Hummingbird Cake on food blogs for the past few weeks - I told myself - I just have to try these!  So I saw a recipe on which I thought looked delicious, light, and healthier than a normal cupcake!

A Hummingbird Cake, to give you a little background, is a famous southern style cake.  Similar to a carrot cake - but without the carrot!  It has pecans, pineapples, banana and spices in it that add up to the flavor and texture of a carrot cake - topped with a cream cheese frosting!

Click HERE for the recipe!

This is how they turned out - don't you think the floral cupcake holders are great?!?!  I found those at one of my fav craft stores - Hobby Lobby!

Happy southern cooking!
xoxo Sarah

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