Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tea of the Week!

After a one week hiatus, Tea of the Week is back!

Being a tea fanatic as I am, I have to tell you how lucky I am that my office is above an Argo Tea.  Now the majority of individuals probably don't know what Argo Tea is - but it is like the Starbucks of Tea.  Argo Tea happens to have my favorite tea drink of all time which is known as a "Red Velvet Tea" - but I like drinking that in the fall and winter months.  So I will post about that drink then!

Currently, their seasonal tea is Jasmine Tea.  Now yes, their jasmine tea has some caffeine in it and I am not a caffeine drinker - but this has low caffeine so I am ok with it.  Some green teas I still drink have low caffeine in them as well but like I said this is in no comparison to a coffee or a soda with caffeine - this is the bare minimum.

This tea is sweet and refreshing and I like it over ice - especially now that the warmer months are coming!  Right now, Argo Tea has a special drink with the Jasmine Tea called "Jasmine TeaMosa"- let me just say, this is delicious!  Just the perfect combination on a hot day - Jasmine tea, Orange juice and sparkling water!
Click Here to take a look!

If you get the chance to try Argo Tea - go for this drink right now - it's delicious :)

Relax, sit back, and enjoy a cup of tea today!
xoxo Sarah

Post Script: Can't wait to post about a Skinny Green Tea Mojito recipe I saw this past week!!!  I am going to try and make that sometime this weekend!

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