Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'll Have Another...

Yesterday in the trifecta of fun in my life, was also the Kentucky Derby!  I just had to bring my fascinator to the party to wear!  Take a look!  Let me know your thoughts!  I wish I sometimes were the Duchess of Cambridge so I could wear wonderful hats like this everyday!

After we drew numbers for the horses that we were routing for, Zachary made from scratch some amazing Mint Julep!  Take a look below as I was having my fresh (and strong) Mint Julep!

The hat is supposed to go on the side but I just put it on really quickly so it doesn't look like it supposed to exactly.  It is so pretty though!  I can't wait to wear it to weddings this summer!!!

This is where I got the fascinator from in Geneva:

xoxo Sarah

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