Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY Table Top Topiaries

Hey Guys!

Remember on my other post I said I was having a DIY weekend the other weekend?  Well this was my big project I was working on and I finally finished it this past Sunday!

I wanted to spruce up our apartment a little and make two little DIY topiaries for our two side tables in our living room.

Our living room Spring and Summer theme is green and white, accented with black.  So I thought these would be the perfect addition!
All you need is the following:
1) Wooden dowel - a little bit thicker - enough that it cannot be cut with a scissors
2) Vines from the flower section at your local craft store
3) A hot glue gun and a lot of glue sticks!
4) A small amount of brown paint and a little sponge
5) Any vase/pot you would like
6) A little Styrofoam for the base in the vase/pot
7) Some green moss to cover the Styrofoam in the vase/pot
8) A decorative twig ball to wrap the vine around

Once you have all these things, first thing is first, hot glue gun the vine around the decorative twig ball.  After that is done, saw the dowel to be the size you want - remember to give room to hot glue gun the dowel to the top of the ball (in the inside of it) and enough of the dowel to stick into the foam.  Paint the part of the dowel you will be using and let dry completely.  In the mean time, take the Styrofoam you have and place it in the inside of the vase and hot glue gun the moss in the vase to cover up the piece of Styrofoam.  Once the dowel is dry, put it into the top of the topiary and hot glue gun it inside of the top of the topiary.  Then stick the dowel into the Styrofoam.  Tada - it is complete!

Take a look below at my finished product:

I really think these are going to make a great addition to our living room!  I found this idea on some DIY blogs I was researching.  I have listed some of them on the right hand side of my blog!  Take a look!

Happy hot gluing!
xoxo Sarah

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