Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tea of the Week!

So over the past couple weeks, if you have been watching the news at all, it has been Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubliee has been being celebrated!  Have you checked out the outfits that the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing!  Oh I wish I owned her wardrobe!

Anywho - if you have read my blog or know me at all - I have a love of English history, culture, and all that jazz!  Zach and I went out this past weekend and stopped at World Market.  I found a new coffee mug I just had to get!  I normally don't splurge and get these things - but I saw it and I had to own it!  Zach said too that I should get it!  So take a look below:

It's a Diamond Jubilee collectible mug!  I had to get it!  I love England!  So I want to know , do you have a favorite mug to drink out of for tea?  I do!  Minus the two mugs from England I have - I have an Anthropolgie mug my Mother-in-law got me the first Christmas I was dating Zachary - I love it.  It's big and great for tea!  My mom has a Christmas mug she uses for her tea - throughout the entire year!

What tea mug do you use?
xoxo Sarah

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