Monday, July 16, 2012

So Kate Middleton....

Yes - Yes - Yes!

It's true.  This past weekend, I wore an awesome fascinator to some of our best friends' wedding and it was a hit!   And yes - yes - yes - Someone told me, "That is SO Kate Middleton of you."  OMG - it made my year!  As I have a love for the British Culture and Royalty in that country, I was so excited to wear this fascinator!

More posts to come on the wedding this week - because it was beautiful and I want to make a special post about Conor and Morgan's wedding weekend!

But I thought I would share my look with the hat - I posted earlier in May about the fascinator when we were celebrating my sister-in-law's 7th birthday and Kentucky Derby - here is that post!

If you don't have a fascinator - I say go get one!  You have to have the confidence to wear it!  And just strut - your-stuff!  Have fun with it!  I think it is a GREAT fashion statement and any hat/hair piece is bold and makes you look like a fashionista!

So take a look below!  I know - pictures of myself yeah yeah yeah - but it's not about me remember - IT'S ABOUT THE FASCINATOR!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Fascinator Wearing!
xoxo Sarah


  1. You look SO fab in your fascinator. I just LOVE the look on you Sarah. You can def pull it off!

  2. Love it! I didn't even know it was called a "fascinator" but now I looks great on you. : )

  3. Thanks Katie and Monica! I highly suggest going to get a fascinator - so fun!!! I bet they have some great hidden gems at Goodwill or Vintage shops as well!