Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hiking it Up the Lake Shore...

One of the days we were on vacation last week, we went on this absolutely beautiful hike along the Lake Michigan Lake Shore.  Click here for the National Park Service's explanation of the hike we went on. Along the way, there were 6 different landmarks we looked at about the preservation of the Sleeping Bear National Park.  I wanted to share some of these stunning views!  The colors are incredible and in person, they are so much brighter!

Crazy plant we saw - still don't know what it was!
One viewpoint!
And another one!
Zach, Charlie, and Pops
Zach and I on our hike!
 Breathing the air up there and seeing the view was just incredible!  Take a hike when you get the chance to - you won't regret it!

Happy Hiking!
xoxo Sarah

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