Monday, August 27, 2012

Library Time!

Hey All!

Just got back from vacation yesterday!  I have many many posts coming I promise!  I wanted to get this one out before I left but we were busy getting ready!  So I have read a lot of books this past month...let's start off the list - I will have a special "Library Time: Vacation Edition" as well!

First Off - I finally read Firefly Lane that both my friend Katie and Angela raved about - and I am about to as well!  I couldn't stop crying for an hour after this book - not in a bad way - in a good-life-is-beautiful way!  The story is about two friends that go through life through the decades.  Starting in the 70's when they met when they were teenagers, these two girls turn into women and go through life's ups and downs and continue to be friends throughout the way.  In life, these relationships are so special - I know I have this with my sister, my friends from college, and my best friends from home -  women around the world should read this book.

Secondly, I read Adriana Trigiani's new novel The Shoemaker's Wife.  What another beautifully written story about family and love.  This is about a man and woman who meet when they are young in Italy in the early 1900s, and their paths keep crossing when the immigrate to America and through life's crazy obstacles.  I found this to be a really great read!  I highly recommend it!

Thirdly, I finished Adriana Trigiani's "The Big Stone Gap Series."  I wrote about The Big Stone Gap here and I finally finished the series the week before I went on vacation - there were three more books and they were quick reads!  The three books are:
1) Big Cherry Holler
2) Milk Glass Moon
3) Home to Big Stone Gap
All three of these books were fast reads and great continuations of the first book.  I wish all these movies would be made into movies so I could see what the characters look like!  These a great series to read and I really recommend it!

Ok keep reading!  It's good for your mind :)

xoxo Sarah

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