Thursday, September 27, 2012

Harvest Food and Wine Festival

I know it's Fall when the leaves are turning and cold air is coming.  But I also know it's Fall's time for the Harvest Food and Wine Festival in Cedarburg.  I love this festival - the wine, the food, the art - everything about it.  Similar to the Strawberry Festival but for Fall.  I have gone to this many years with family, friends, and Zachary.  The main attraction is the Cedar Creek Winery at the heart of downtown.  They have a great Cranberry Blush wine that is delicious!  Well take a look below - I was able to go two times in one day - in the morning with my mom and sister and later in the afternoon with my friends Ang and Lauren.  Take a look at the most amazing Wisconsin Cheese Curds you will ever have - make sure your mouth waters over those!

If you are interested in attending the Harvest Food and Wine Festival next year - click HERE to follow Cedarburg's festival events throughout the year.

Also - Click HERE for the link to the Cedar Creek Winery - I'm positive you won't be disappointed with anything that comes out of there!

I had my cranberry wine earlier with my mom, so Ang, Lo and I got sangria (bottom right)!  Love this weekend!
Happy Fall!
xoxo Sarah

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