Friday, September 28, 2012

The Perfect First Birthday...

My friend Katie (she blogs HERE) and her husband Mark just celebrated an amazing first birthday party for their daughter Nina.  I just have to share some of the creative ideas and fun pictures from that day.

First off, she had games set up for the kids at the birthday (Nina's cousins) and they all got bubbles for gifts - so creative!  Secondly, she had a lemonade bar - genius!  Thirdly, she had a macaroni and cheese bar  food - perfect!  What little girl wouldn't want any of these things for her birthday!  It was just perfect!  Katie and Mark should be so proud!  We love them so much and are so happy to see their family doing so well and happy - that is all we want for our friends and family!

Have fun taking a look at the pictures below - I know we had fun taking them.

Added bonus from this birthday party - I was able to see my friend Kayla, her husband John, and their new darling baby girl, Nora.  Nina and Nora - how more perfect could two eventual best friends be!

Auntie Sarah loved hanging out with Nina this day - what a special treat!  What beautiful family and beautiful friends - Life's pretty great huh??
Happy 1st Birthday Nina - we love you!
xoxo Auntie Sarah (and Uncle Zachary)

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  1. Very Nice. Thanks, Sarah! :) SO glad you could make it!