Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Shield...

Yes!  We had another amazing Campillo/Dowell Football bash this past weekend.  This time, it was hosted at our place and I took some great pictures of great friends and a great time! Just thought I would share down below.

Oh - and PS:  I am going to just say this about the Monday Night Football game where the Packer's interception was somehow ruled a touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks.  Now - I am one of the biggest NFL football fans you will ever meet - not to mention one of the biggest Packer fans out there.  I am disgusted at what happened on Monday night.  I know and the majority of the NFL watching fans know what the right call was- I hope that the NFL realizes what happened here and deep in their hearts know the truth.  This is America's sport - don't ruin it with issues like what happened Monday night.  We, the Packer fans, might be able to forgive, but we will never forget.  FOREVER PACKER FAN - GO PACK GO!

Go Pack Go!
xoxo Sarah

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