Friday, October 12, 2012

Acorn Squash Soup

This past weekend - Zachary and I had a nice relaxing weekend!  My mom and sister came down Saturday for some quality time to celebrate my anniversary and my mom's birthday. Zach and I spent the weekend together and enjoyed the crisp air and the smells of fall starting - like pumpkin, squash, spice, cinnamon - all so good and warm!

So on Sunday, even though the Packers lost, I was happy to take my first swing at Acorn Squash Soup from A Cozy Kitchen.  It takes about 2 hours total time - but it turns out amazing, croutons and all!  The recipe is HERE.

**A hint to dice and peel acorn squash:  Cut the squash in half - take out the seeds.  Slice each section of the squash and then peel them - it's easier to handle and easier to peel!

Happy Soup Making!
xoxo Sarah


  1. This looks great, Sarah! I just bought a squash today that I plan to roast soon. I had an odd craving for cauliflower, which I took care of today, and squash is next. Then, it'll be time for chocolate cake. : )

  2. Thanks Monica!!! You have this chocolate bread from France you made I am definitely going to be trying soon - when I saw it - it looked amazing!!!