Friday, March 15, 2013

I Heart PBS

Hey all and Happy Friday!

Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner!??!  Time is flying by so fast, and I cannot believe we will be in WI before we know it!

One thing I have wanted to blog about is actually something that Zachary and I love to do on Saturday mornings.   I did not watch much PBS TV when I was younger - except for Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street of course!  But now there are so many TV shows that I love to see on it.  Not to mention my absolute favorite Downton Abbey is on PBS :) Start watching that show if you have not yet!

Well Zachary loves watching the cooking shows that are on PBS!  And I have grown to love them too!

Shows that we DVR and watch on Saturday mornings on PBS are:
1) Lidia's Italy
2) Simply Ming
3) Pati's Mexican Table
4) Mexico - One Plate at a Time
5) Martha Stewart's Cooking School
6) Essential Pepin
7) America's Test Kitchen
Source: HERE
I can't wait to see what types of shows that are on PBS when we get up to WI!  Is there a specific cooking show you or show that you watch on PBS??  I would love to know!

Yeah for PBS!
xoxo Sarah

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