Thursday, January 23, 2014

What's Been Cooking Lately...

Ok while I was pretty sick for the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, I think it was because of the lack of food I ate, I loved watching Barefoot Contessa on TV.

So recently I made her chopped salad for dinner - I made it a pregnancy friendly salad because of the cheese.  I substituted blue cheese with Satori - Gold cheese which is a WI based cheese company and is DELICIOUS.

The recipe for her Cape Cod Chopped Salad is here on

This would be a GREAT salad for hosting a women's luncheon or a shower of some sort.  
I also made this delicious spread for the last Packer/Bears game of the season - I know a little late on the post.  I have mad the pretzels before - which are Zachary's favorite - but this new recipe for bruschetta I tried was OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD.  I highly reccommend it!

A little blurry - but so good - soft pretzels and avocado bruschetta!
Spread with our tree behind!
Molinari's salami, cheese and crackers, peppeoncinis, pickles, and celery.  I know a random assortment of pregnancy cravings!
Click HERE for the recipe for the bruschetta - definitely going to become a staple in our home!

Hope everyone has been enjoying cooking up new recipes in this new year!  I can't wait to try more!

Yeah for recipes!
xoxo Sarah

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