Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shrimp Enchiladas with Creamy Jalapeno Sauce

So I think it might be ironic, but being pregnant, I can handle a lot more spice than I would normally.  I like all spicy things.  Not sure if that is the best for me, but I like it!  And Zachary likes that too because he loves spice - the hotter the better!

So last night for dinner, I decided to try this pinterest recipe for Shrimp Enchiladas.  It was DELICIOUS!!!

I totally forgot to take pictures!  But here is a pic from the website and the you can get the recipe right HERE.

I HIGHLY suggest this dinner, but one thing Zachary and I have found, is that these nice dinners, are probably going to be more weekend meals!

I would love to know what others make for weeknight meals when working full-time.  What are your best tricks with getting everything ready and taking care of a baby???

Source: HERE
Yeah for spicy!
xoxo Sarah


  1. I have these on the menu for sometime this week (thanks, Pinterest). Any hints?

  2. Looks like a delish recipe - I'll have to check it out. To answer your question about working FT and getting dinner on the table with a baby here are my tips...
    1. make meals that have leftovers so you can end up cooking once and getting two meals out of it
    2. read all recipes in advance and save those with long prep/baking/grilling times for the weekends
    3. i'm not huge into crock pot meals, but sometimes those are a help (especially in the winter when you'll want something warm, cozy and easy)
    4. keep a few "staples" in the freezer as backups/easy options for busy nights... for us that's good frozen pizzas (and i'll whip up a quick salad, fresh fruit to go with), frozen butternut squash ravioli, frozen leftover soups, or breakfast for dinner (pancakes, eggs, toast, etc if we're in a pinch)
    5. eventually... feed your baby/toddler what you eat. it saves you from having to make two meals (adult/kid), expands your kiddos palate and is just more fun to eat as a family. nina eats everything we eat and I rarely cook her a separate dinner)
    6. it takes time to figure out what works. in the beginning, don't be afraid of takeout! :) also, it's super easy to take a small baby out to a restaurant. we always figured .... if we were too busy with work/baby to have "nice" meals at home during the week, we deserved to go out on the weekends somewhere fun/nice with nina!

    ok... i'll stop rambling. hope that helps!! :)


  3. Hey Megan! Sorry I haven't been on in a while!!! I hope the enchiladas turned out good! No hints - just really follow recipe :) Katie, thanks for all the tips!!! I will definitely check them out - oh and we are big breakfast for dinner fans too :)