Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tea of the Week!

I am bringing back Tea of the Week!  So everyone!  Here is my newest tea of the week posting...

When you are pregnant, you cannot drink too much tea or too many kinds of tea so I am keeping it really simple with authentic British teas or English Breakfast teas - that are decaffeinated.  I got these in Door County last summer and have not been able to drink them as much as I have wanted to but, they still are very plain and good!

Typhoo tea is England's version of Lipton Tea.  The "Keep Calm Carry On" Tea is an English Breakfast tea!
Notice the little tea caddy on the right - the bed and breakfast we staying in Door County used those to serve tea in.  I loved them so much, Zachary surprised me with 2 - one for home and one I keep at work to hold my tea. 
Yeah for British Teas!
xoxo Sarah

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